Leadership in VMI Services

Who We Are


Argonaut is a multi-locational, multi-tier specialized supply chain solutions provider that has major presence across the globe, having grown from strengths in the industry since its inception more than 3 decades ago. The growth path from a humble beginning in the UK to a strategic global presence can be traced to its continuous improvement in providing high-end value services. This was possible since Argonaut welcomed the rapid changes in the industry and responded to the challenges in terms of technology up-gradation and the dynamic perspective of value.

Presently, all the Argonaut global organizations are completely integrated in systems and processes at the macro level. The respective local offices provide the fine micro level support that their customers require, locally.

Argonaut organizations and their Network partners have at their disposal the capability to handle all types of logistical requirements including all warehousing services, specialised container loading, freight and customs management, JIT deliveries to OE manufacturers and a host of other customers across different Verticals.  Argonaut was built by people that are willing to travel an extra mile for the customer.

Apart from providing door to door services, we specialise in certain services of the future viz.., Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Consolidation Hub across China/Indian Sub-continent, Europe, South America and the United States and in Aftermarket re-distribution and all such specialised services are rendered by our powerful system cArgotrack.

The key building blocks of Argonaut experience have been

  • Customer Focus
  • Process Driven Methods
  • Technological Strength


Argonaut's Service Quality Objectives
  • Provide On-Time deliveries as promised.
  • Strive for zero errors in documentation.
  • Customer Satisfaction to 100%
  • Do preventive actions to eliminate problems, (with emphasis
    on listening to the customer).
  • Drive continual improvements in quality and Service delivery.