Leadership in VMI Services

About cArgotrack

Argonaut has developed (in-house) its own ‘supply chain management’ software called cArgotrack. It has been designed to enable our clients to efficiently control their supply chain, from purchase order stage to delivery point, either by direct delivery or by delivery from a warehouse operation run by Argonaut. At each key stage of the movement along the supply chain, a trigger e-mail is sent to various relevant recipients. These recipients could be in purchasing, accounts, warehouse management, sales etc.

This is a web based system and can therefore be accessed by any personnel wherever internet access is available, giving complete traceability of the whole supply chain. This is why all the information listed on the system has to be ‘live’ and ‘real time’, in other words the data is always up to date, and due to our strategic time-zoned office locations (China, India, EU, US), we do not have to wait for one side of the world to wake up for data to be updated. cArgotrack also stores all the data in archives, so you can look back at many things, including how well a supplier has performed.

We secured a good number of VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) projects globally, particularly in the Automotive industry, these are secured in part due to our cArgotrack system, which enables us to beat off major players in the Logistics Industry.

We also run Import consolidation services, and cArgotrack enables our clients to run pick/pack operations from, for example, our Shanghai Free Trade Zone warehouse, giving them an efficient/managed supply of their purchases into EU, USA or wherever they are located. The concept of consolidation in itself is not unique, but this particular project has plenty of unique features, including total visibility to our customer, enabling them to run a weekly “bus service” from the Shanghai warehouse in 40’ and 40’ high cube containers of mixed product from different suppliers.

cArgotrack is a user-friendly system that has the following facilities;

  • Comprehensive search facility
  • Reports that are downloadable in xls. (tracker/status reports etc) for analyzing supplier performances
  • VMI system that is capable of providing on line inventory management
  • Consol Hub facility to efficiently manage multiple overseas suppliers

and many more…,